Raggy Style T-Shirt Quilt

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The raggy style t-shirt quilt has the edges of these shirts' squares are sewn together with the seams out and then snipped to create a 3-D fringed "raggy" look after it is washed. Your shirts are cut into squares and either layered with flannel and the back of the shirt or lined with a no-pill fleece in the color of your choice.  The flannel or fleece color will serve as an accent color between the squares to enhance the look of the quilt and pull the look together. The other advantage to this quilt is that can have squares added to it over time as you collect more shirts.

In most cases all shirts will be cut into 13"x13" squares and have a finished size of 12"x12" squares.    For quilting, in the raggy style quilts are quilted with an X across each square before they are sewn together. 

Download and fill out this Quilt Instruction Sheet to include with your order.

Number of Shirts Needed

This all depends on how many shirts you have, how big you would like your quilt, and what you would like to use it for. Here is a guide to number of shirt "fronts" needed and final finished sizes.

  • Wall Hanging/Small lap quilt - 3x4 =12 shirt fronts (36"x48")
  • Lap Quilt - 4x4 = 16 shirt fronts (48"x48")
  • Throw blanket quilt - 4x5 = 20 shirt fronts (48"x60")
  • Large throw blanket - 5x5 = 25 shirt fronts (60"x60")
  • Twin bed cover - 3x6 or 4x6 = 18 or 24 shirt fronts (36"x72" or 48"x72")
  • Twin bed comforter - 5x7 =35 shirts (60"x84")
  • Full bed cover - 5x6 = 30 shirts (60"x72")
  • Full bed comforter/queen bed cover - 7x8 - 56 shirts (84"x96")
  • Queen bed comforter - 8x8 - 64 shirts (96"x96")

Preparing Your Items

  • Most items that are machine washable can be used in your quilt.  These items should be washed and dried before bringing them to me or shipping them.
  • You may cut your shirts up the side seam being sure include the sleeves, please do not cut off more than this as I have a special tool to cut the shirt squares down to size.  Send along the side of the shirt you want included.  
  • Please make notes if you want more than just the fronts of your shirts used.  
  • If you have a specific layout request for your shirts, please do share those when the shirts are brought to me otherwise I will layout the shirts with color placement as priority to make the quilt look most pleasing.  Pictures of the layout will be sent to you for approval before the quilt is stitched together.

Quilt Production Timeline

Please allow at least 8-10 weeks to complete.  If you plan quilts for graduation or Christmas gifts it is best to plan with me a few months before as the quantity of quilts increase and due to the care and time needed to make your quilts perfect it is best to plan far ahead.   

Care Instructions

  1. Machine wash in warm or cold water with your regular detergent.
  2. Do not bleach.
  3. Tumble dry on low or medium heat.  Do not use high heat with fleece backings.
  4. Make sure the lint trap in your dryer is empty BEFORE drying your quilt

For larger quilts it is recommended that you use front load washers or professionally cleaned at a laundry mat.


A $100 deposit will be required up front with your shirts which may be paid with cash, check or online payment here or sent via PayPal.  The remaining balance will be due upon picking up your quilt.  Any additional charges from extra stitching, embroidery or heat transferred pictures added to the quilt but will be communicated before the construction of the quilt.  

A Personal Note

We care for your items as if they were our own. Our workspace is pet free and smoke free.   Our initial consultation is very important for us to understand the stories behind each shirt and memories.  In particularly with memorial type quilts, we have lost a loved ones ourselves and understand the sensitive nature of these items.  Thank you for considering us to create this special keepsake for you.