Our Story

The Unlimited Stitch was born in 2013 when my sewing hobby got serious and turned into a full-time home-based sewing business.   I went from selling children's quiet books to selling pillows, apparel, and custom sewn keepsakes.  For years I worked craft fairs, sold items on Etsy, through Facebook, and my own webstore.  Eventually I ventured into selling some of my items in local boutiques. I was truly blessed to be able to do what I loved everyday while being able to support my family financially and being accessible to them by working from my home.  With the loss of my mom to cancer in 2019 and the unprecedented events of 2020, my outlook on life changed, but honestly for the good.  I took a hard look at the future of my family and my business.  I had this deep desire to take that next step and fearlessly commit to growing the business and make a bigger impact my community.   I give God all the credit for (plus my husband) for our new building at 225 N. Main Street in Morton, Illinois.  All of our production is now on site and we aim to have the boutique open in Summer of 2021 (God-willing)!

What We Do...


Personalized gifts are the BEST!!!  We offer customizable items and even create a few of our own custom sewn goodies that can be personalized utilizing embroidery, vinyl, sublimation and digital heat transfers to create memorable and meaningful personalized gifts that will make the special people in your lives feel loved by your heartwarming efforts to go extra mile.


We know and understand small businesses as we are one ourselves.  We are proud of our ability to help other small businesses promote themselves by creating them custom business apparel and promotional items.  From embroidery to vinyl and digital heat transfers we can create a variety of highly professional gear to meet all budgets with no minimum orders.  From one item to 200+ items we can service small business needs.

We also love to create items to help promote your organization, club, sports team, school and events from custom apparel and gifts to promotional items.

Thirdly, we want to promote others in our community through offering items in our boutique made by other local artisans along with selling gift packages that are partnered with other small businesses in our area.  It's a win-win-win for so many.


We are obsessed with celebrating all things and why shouldn't you?  From the obvious big things like birthdays, weddings, graduations to other life changing events of supporting a friend fighting cancer,  a spouse getting a big promotion, a child discovering their inner strength learning a new skill.  Swoon over them all with simple to extravagant personal gifts to celebrate all occasions.


Why We Do it...

To Give Back

Our obsession is sewing, personalizing, celebrating and promoting others, but our passion is giving back.  We may not write big fancy checks, but we with what God has given us to help others.  You may not also hear about all the things we do as it's not our nature to be very flashing about it all.  We do what do because it's what you do with the gifts God gives you.

But we do want you to know is that when you support The Unlimited Stitch through your patronage, you support or have supported...

  • St. Jude Run - we donate services and personalizing services for special gifts given to the Memphis to Peoria Runners
  • St. Jude Children's Hospital - we partner with St. Jude Run to create St. Jude branded merchandise to spread awareness and support 
  • School/Sports Fundraisers - we donate spirit wear and various other items for raffle baskets and drawings
  • Local sports teams fundraisers through team apparel sales
  • Morton Basketball Game Ball Run - we donate spirit shirts and shirt personalization for Miracle Families
  • Lincoln School Teacher's Fundraising Plays for the Joal Stanfield Foundation - we created and donated the costumes for the staff 
  • Lincoln School Fine Arts Days - presented the art of embroidery to K-6 grade students
  • Aidan Strong Fundraiser - we created and sold fundraising t-shirts to support the Williams family of Washington while their son Aidan was diagnosed with leukemia 
  • Medical Workers/Nursing Staff/Teachers/Police/Firefighters/St. Jude Runners - we donated almost 1000 hand made masks during the onset of Covid-19 in 2020
  • We offer complimentary sewing services to service men and women to add service patches to their uniforms
  • We sew zippers into shirts for kids fighting cancer, so that they can wear their regular clothes to treatments where they need access to their ports

We want to do more so let us know how we can help!