Dresden Circle Quilt Made from a Loved Ones Ties

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The Dresden circle is a timeless tabletop quilt that is an ideal way to showcase a loved one's favorite tie collection and transform them into treasured keepsake.  This pointed circle tabletop quilt can be made in various sizes from 8" up to 24" in diameter.  Each quilt utilizes 18+ pieces around the circle so they can be made from a single tie on very small quilts but can use a small piece from 18+ different ties if you like.  

The center circle and backing are 100% cotton and there is a very thin quilt batting in between the backing and the tie layer.  The color of the center circle and backing are completely based on your request. 

Washing instructions are based on the ties used for the piece.  Recommendations would be spot washing as needed.

Number of ties recommended for size of quilt:


1-8 ties


2-12 ties


4-18 ties


6 - 18 ties


9-18 ties