Zipper Port Shirts for Kids with Cancer

As a huge supporter of St. Jude for many years, we have also been using our talents to create zippered port shirts for children with cancer. These specialized shirts are designed to make it easier for children undergoing cancer treatment to receive their treatments without the need to remove their shirts.

For children with cancer, receiving treatments can be a difficult and painful process. Traditional treatment methods require doctors and nurses to insert needles into the child's veins, which can be a stressful and painful experience. This is where zippered port shirts come in. These shirts have a special zipper in the side that allows doctors and nurses to easily access the child's port without having to remove their shirt. This not only reduces stress and discomfort for the child, but it also makes the treatment process more efficient.

The Unlimited Stitch has been creating these specialized shirts for over a year now.  We have been blessed by our local community who has supported us donating shirts and zippers that we turn around and donate our time and talents to add the zippers to the shirts. The finished zippered port shirts are being donate back to any individual who requests them and to children's hospitals in the Peoria, Illinois area, including the OSF Children's Hospital and St. Jude Children's Hospital. The response from both the hospitals and the families has been overwhelmingly positive. Parents have reported that these shirts have made a huge difference in the comfort level of their child during treatments.

All of the finished shirts are free for anyone who can use them.  So please contact us if you could use some!!!   We can also add zippers to shirts that already belong to a child.  We not only offer this service for children, but for adults as well upon request!!!

Need Zippered Port Shirts for yourself or someone undergoing cancer treatments? 

Contact us with the following information:

  • Shirt size needed
  • Preference of theme of shirt (feminine or boyish)
  • Side that port is one (we put zippers on either side)

Email us at: or call us at 309-431-0085.

Would you like to support our Zippered Port Shirts Project?

Here are items you can contribute:

  • Fun print or inspirational kids shirts sizes 2T to adult M
  • 7" or 9" poly zippers - fun colors
  • Monetary donations for us to purchase supplies like thread and other supplies

Mail or drop items off at:

The Unlimited Stitch, 225 N. Main Street, Morton, Illinois  61550

Thank you to Paige Blanzy with 25News WEEK for covering our story and getting the word out about our project!!!  Click the link here to see the news story!

Morton woman creates ‘port shirts’ for kids going through chemo (