Clothing Keepsakes Sewing Services

At The Unlimited Stitch, our custom sewing services focus on converting special garments, loved one's clothing items and memorable shirts into re-purposed, sentimental keepsakes like:

  • T-shirt quilts from a graduate's favorite high school t-shirts
  • Memory pillows from a grandparent's shirt
  • Memory bears from a baby's onesies
  • Remembrance pillows made from a loved one's tie collection
  • Keyfobs, ornaments, mini prayer quilts and so much more!!!!
memory pillows and bears

Clothing items can hold just as special of memories as photos, songs, and smells do.  Those special items shouldn't be kept boxed or bagged up but should be repurposed into a lovely heirloom to enjoy again and again. 

    memory ornament

    All of these special clothing items can be transformed into a bear, pillow, quilt or more to create treasured heirlooms.

    memory bears from clothing

    Here are the items of clothing that are most compatible:

    • t-shirts/dress shirts/polos/golf shirts
    • pants/PJ bottoms
    • robes
    • sweatshirts
    • uniforms/work shirts
    • jackets
    • blankets
    • onesies
    • ties
    • handkerchiefs

    Check out the leather fur jacket we transformed into pillows...

    leather coat

    leather coat pillow

    The ties we transformed into a Dresden circle centerpiece.ties

    dresden circle tie

    Our Process

    We hand-cut every item to ensure the most accurate placement of logos and adjust sizing of pieces to make sure all the good parts get seen.  We also machine and hand sew every item to highest level of care and craftsmanship for a long-lasting keepsake.  

    Check out how we created this memory bear:

    TJ trained shirts

    cut up bear parts

    machine sewing bear parts

    hand sewing bear parts

    final TJ Trained bear

    Customization Options

    Customizing your keepsake bear, pillow or quilt with message, poem or even a handwritten note, can make your item the ultimate heirloom. bear personalization

    We offer embroidery services to stitch a name, nickname, dates, special messages or poems directly on the memory items or can create patches that can be added to them.  These are your special memories so we want you to be involved in making them as personal as you would want.

    handwriting on bear

    We can even digitize your loved one's handwriting to stitch or print their familiar signature to your lovely keepsake.

    hand writing

    pillow with handwriting


    We know it's hard to hand over irreplaceable items.  Trust is something earned, and we do our best to care for your items better than our own.   Your items are kept in totes in our safe and secure location in our shop where there is no smoking and no pets.  When shipped back to you they are insured even though there is not a dollar amount high enough to truly put on these keepsakes.

    Check out how we were able to transform this wedding dress into a bear, ring bearers' pillow and garter for a granddaughter's wedding keepsakes.

    wedding dress 

    wedding bear and accessories


    We SEW Love Giving Back!!!

    We love giving back to military and first responders buy sewing on service patches.  This is a complimentary service we offer to the men and women who serve our country, and we are blessed to offer something back to you.

    We also love to help out kids with cancer by sewing zippers in shirts of theirs so that when they go to treatment days, they can wear their own clothes instead of changing into a gown in order to access their port.  With your support of our business, you help give kids a chance to feel normal in a very un-normal situation.


    Please reach out to us if we can provide this FREE service to you today!


    Do you do alterations? 

    Do you make costumes?

    Can you make cushions for my window box?

    Simple answer is NO.  As much as we love to sew, we can't do it all.  I had wise advice early in my career that it was okay to say "no," so unfortunately these are things we do NOT really do:

    • custom clothing/costumes
    • dress/formal/tailoring alterations
    • home interior items like cushions, seat covers, and curtains

    While these are all things I've attempted in the past and loved doing, we have turned our focus to mostly creating memory items and our own handmade products.