Custom Sewing Services

We love making special custom-made  keepsakes along with fun personalized soft goods that people can use and enjoy everyday.  

Our specialty is converting special garments and clothing into re-purposed, sentimental keepsakes like:

  • T-shirt quilts from a graduates favorite high school t-shirts
  • Memory pillows from a grandparents shirt
  • Memory bears from a baby's onesies
  • Remembrance pillows made from a loved one's tie collection
  • And so much more!!!!

Not only are we creating very special heirlooms that people can keep in their families for a long time, but we are upcycling and recycling clothing items and helping reduce our carbon footprint and helping the environment.

What other things to do you sew?  

We sew all of our own pillowcases that we decorate along with making a few fun items like kids soft toys, small totes, and cute little things we think others might just love as well.  Paired with our embroidery and vinyl services and our crazy obsessed with fabric, so we are constantly looking for fun things to make unforgettable custom gift items.  


We SEW Love Giving Back!!!

We love giving back to military and first responders buy sewing on service patches.  This is a complimentary service we offer to the men and women who serve our country and we are blessed to offer something back to you. 

We also love to help out kids with cancer by sewing zippers in shirts of theirs so that when they go to treatment days, they can wear their own clothes instead of changing into a gown in order to access their port.  With your support of our business, you help give kids a chance to feel normal in a very un-normal situation.

Please reach out to us if we can provide this FREE service to you today!

Do you do alterations? 

No.  As much as we love to sew, we can't do it all.  I had wise advice early in my career that it was okay to say "no," so unfortunately these are things we do NOT really do:

  • custom clothing/costumes
  • dress/formal/tailoring alterations
  • home interior items like cushions, seat covers, and curtains

While these are all things I've attempted in the past and loved doing, we have turned our focus to mostly creating memory items and our own handmade products.