Memory Puppy Made from Loved One's Clothing

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This memory puppy is made from your loved one's clothing and can be a great gift to keep for yourself or give to family member or friend to keep for generations.  This puppy sprawls out to approximately 18" wide when finished and has the option for additional embroidery to personalize it even more.  Coordinating buttons for eyes and fleece for the nose are hand sewn on to the bear.  This bear is not to be considered as a toy and care should be taken with it as it has hand-sewn elements to it.  Yes, while cuddling is encouraged, it is meant to be more of a show piece.

Download and fill out this Memory Bear Instruction Sheet to include with your puppy order.

What can a puppy be made of?

  • A puppy can be made from shirts, pants, dresses, stocking hats, blankets, onesies, or most any other fabric type material (cotton, flannel, fleece, and knit).  Non-ideal materials would be very sheer material, fragile lace, and beaded or sequin material.  Please wash all materials before sending or bring them to us.

How much material do I need?

  • Small and medium adult sized shirts/clothing will require two articles of clothing
  • Adult large shirts/clothing and bigger will typically can make one full bear
  • Onesies/baby clothes/toddler clothes may require 4-5 items - extra fabric or material may be used to fill in parts if needed.

Can I use multiple items of clothing in the puppy?

  • Yes, of course!  A mixture of various pieces of clothing can be used to make the bear.  Please make note of what you might like used and where.  Common accent pieces are the face piece between the eyes, the fronts of the ears, and the base of the feet.

Can I have a name or initials or text embroidered on the puppy?

  • Yes, we offer embroidery customization for an extra fee.  Common places to add customization is on the arm of the puppy, the feet base and the ears.  Please note what you would like added and that the spelling is correct. 
  • If you would like our standard poem as a patch sewn on the belly of the puppy, it will read "This is a shirt I used to wear.  Whenever you hold it know that I am near", but you can add any type of text or poem that you wish.

What is the puppy stuffed with?

  • I fill the bears with always new Poly-fil batting.

How long does it take to get a puppy made?

  • Depending on the work schedule, please allow 6-8 weeks for a puppy to be completed.  Please do let us know if this item needs to be rushed for purposes of helping someone who needs help in the healing process of losing a loved one. 

Where do I send my clothing items?

Give us a quick message to let us know that you have sent your items so we can keep a watch out for them! We will contact you when we are ready to ship them back out to you.

Thank you again for trusting us with your loved one's items and we are extremely honored to be creating these keepsakes for you!

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