Three Budget Conscious Tips When Choosing Clothing Items for Your Graduation T-Shirt Quilt

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Three Budget Conscious Tips When Choosing Clothing Items for Your Graduation T-Shirt Quilt

graduation shadow quiltGraduating from high school or college is a milestone worthy of celebration and creating a personalized T-shirt quilt from all those saved shirts, jackets, uniforms and more is a heartfelt way to commemorate the journey. Crafting your graduation quilt with The Unlimited Stitch involves careful consideration of both budget and the end use of the quilt. Here are the top three tips to guide you through the process:

  1. Balancing Affordability and Craftsmanship for Different Sizes: Consider the final use of your quilt and how it aligns with your budget. The Unlimited Stitch can create a lap-sized quilt for a more budget-friendly option, perfect for cozying up on the couch. If you have a bit more to spend, opt for a larger throw blanket size for added warmth. For those looking to make a statement, discuss specific bedspread dimensions to ensure your quilt becomes a centerpiece in your room without exceeding your budget.

  2. Prioritize Meaningful Shirts: When working with a budget, prioritize the most meaningful shirts to you. Choose T-shirts from unforgettable events, significant achievements, or those with sentimental value. The Unlimited Stitch's expert guidance will help you make strategic choices, ensuring your quilt remains affordable while capturing the essence of your academic journey.

  3. Select a style of quilt that best showcases your shirts and keeps you within your budget.   Collaborate with The Unlimited Stitch to help you navigate your collection of T-shirts into one of their many quilt styles (block, framed, krazy quilt or shadow quilt) while keeping your budget in mind. Feel free to discuss your budget and desires, and they will guide you to select the style of quilt will best showcase your memories.

Quilt Styles

Check out below all of the quilt style options offered by The Unlimited Stitch.  Each quilt listing goes through the number of shirts needed for the different sized quilts along with pricing for each style.

raggy quilt

(Raggy Style Quilt)

framed quilt

(Framed Quilt)

Crazy quilt

(Crazy Quilt)

Block quilt

(Block Quilt)


bag of shirtsNext Steps: Grab that bag of shirts you have been collecting.  Call or message us at The Unlimited Stitch to set up a FREE consultation to go through your collection of shirts and help you select the shirts needed to make up your desired sized quilt within your budget.

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In conclusion, creating a graduation T-shirt quilt with The Unlimited Stitch involves a thoughtful balance between budget considerations and the end use of the quilt. Follow these top three tips to ensure your quilt not only tells the story of your school journey but also does so in an affordable and meaningful way.  The Unlimited Stitch will transform your T-shirts into a timeless keepsake that celebrates your student's accomplishments within your budget and meets your size preferences.

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