Dye-Sublimation Printing

The Unlimited Stitch offers personalization services utilizing dye-sublimation printing which can create some of the most colorful and permanent designs along with being the most durable and washable. 

We offer a wide variety sublimation blanks to add your own personal photographs, hand written messages, light hearted sayings, monograms and more like:

  • Pillowcases
  • Blankets
  • Coffee mugs
  • Glasses
  • Small metal signs
  • Pre-cut jigsaw puzzles
  • Tumblers
  • Tri-Blend and dri-fit apparel
  • Headbands
  • Slate coasters and plaques
  • And more...

What makes dye-sublimation printing so special?

Sublimation utilizes a special ink that transitions from a solid to a gas allowing it to bind directly to fabric or other polymer based surfaces when heat is applied.  Unlike vinyl or screen printing where the design is on the surface of the shirt or item, sublimation actually binds to fabric, plastic, ceramic and other materials it is heat transferred to.

What are the limitations of sublimation?

  • The biggest constraint to this type of personalization is that it should only be applied to polymer based or polyester materials. 
  • White blanks show the clearest and brightest results 
  • Light colored materials can be used but will yield a more faded finish appearance along with items that are only a 50/50 poly/cotton blend fabric 
  • Sublimation designs will not show well on dark colored shirts (this is where white toner digital transfers and vinyl better fit)
  • Sublimation designs can only be put on cotton based shirts if white glitter vinyl is heat applied to the garment first and then the sublimation applied on top of it

Digital transfers and sublimation are the best options for highly detailed and multi-colored designs, but there are a few key differences:

  • Digital transfers utilize toner ink and have an underlayment of white toner to all bright colors to be added to dark colored apparel
  • Digital transfers require a special paper and "marrying" process of the ink and the adhesive that holds the design on top of the fabric
  • Sublimation is a special ink that uses common copy paper when heat is applied to the design on a fabric or polymer substrate the dye adheres to the fibers and it becomes infused into the item for ultimate durability and longevity
  • Sublimation is best suited for white and light colored polyester based fabrics where digital transfers are best for when you want to use a cotton based apparel