How do we contact The Unlimited Stitch?

Phone/text: 309-431-0085

Email:  corrina.dea@theunlimitedstitch.com

Via Facebook:  www.facebook.com/TheUnlimitedStitch

What are your hours?

I have a very flexible work schedule but my general work hours in which I accept appointments is:

Monday - Friday -  9AM - 2:30PM

Monday - Saturday 9AM - 9PM (for online messaging)

I can always be reached outside of "office hours" via Facebook, email, or text.

I have a bin on my front porch that I allow customers to do porch pick up at anytime.  Please do notify me with a time frame of pick up as I do not keep all completed items in the tote at all times.


The Unlimited Stitch committed to providing high quality products and service to exceed your expectations.  Due to the personalized nature of our products, we are unfortunately unable to allow returns on items that have been customized with names, dates, colors, sayings, etc. Also since each order is made individually to your specifications it may not be able to be resold, so those items may not be returned as well.   Please review our Sizing Charts page along with Design Options page, so that you can make sure everything is exactly the way you want, including fonts, colors, etc.  If you have questions about how and what to order please contact us directly and we would love to help answer any questions you may have.   If for any reason you are unhappy with an item that you received, please contact us as we want happy customers and will do our best to accommodate your request. If an error is made by The Unlimited Stitch in the personalization or creation of an item, please accept our sincere apology and we will replace your order at no additional cost to you. Under certain circumstances we might ask you to return your items in order to receive a refund. We do not cover the cost of shipping.

What forms of payment does The Unlimited Stitch accept?

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, PayPal and Venmo. PayPal is both easy and very secure for credit card transactions and your order will be processed immediately. Local customers may also pay for items or services with cash or checks at pick up (please get approval for local checks at time of order).

Do you do custom orders?

Of course! We love doing custom designs. We will work closely with you to bring your ideas to life.  If you do have custom order requests, please submit them through our contact us page or Our Services page or you are welcome to contact us directly at 309-431-0085 or via our FB page.

All designs offered on this site belong to The Unlimited Stitch and may not be used or replicated by others without written permission.  I work countless hours coming up with my own unique ideas so please respect that.  Custom designs created for a customer belong to The Unlimited Stitch and can be modified and used for other future customers and sales. 

How do I pick what size from looking at a sizing chart?

Sizing charts will often list shirt width and shirt length. To compare the chart to other shirts that fit you well please refer to the picture above.  The width is measured from armpit to armpit.  The length is measured from the top of the shoulder to the bottom of the shirt.  Please refer to all sizing charts before making a custom order as personalized items cannot be returned.  We do often have shirt samples on hand so if you'd like to try them on in person if you are local to Morton please feel free to set up an appointment.  We also have several shirt samples available at Lulu's on Main in Morton for you to try on as well.


Where can I buy items made by The Unlimited Stitch?

  • Here on our online store and FB store
  • Lulus's on Main, 213 S Main Street, Morton, Illinois 61550
  • Boutique 309, 703 Peoria Street, Washington, Illinois 61571

Do you do fundraisers for groups?

YES!!!  We love helping you raise money along with school or team spirit.  We have worked with several groups in the past offering 10-15% back on group purchases.  And for the fundraising organizers, we often offer half priced or free items as a thank you for organizing the order!!!  Please contact us if you'd like to learn more.

How do I get my company logo ready to add to shirts or hats?

All logos must be digitized and put in a format utilized by our embroidery or vinyl cutting machines.  If your logo has not already been digitized into a *.pes file for embroidery or a *.svg file for vinyl, there is a setup/digitizing fee of $10-15 depending on the complexity of the design.  You would only pay the digitizing fee once and it can be used for the lifetime of your logo.  

To get your logo digitized, please submit a high quality *.jpg or *.pdf of your logo to corrina.dea@theunlimitedstitch.com .  On embroidery digitizing, we do a sample stitch out your logo to make sure it looks good before we put it on your items.

If you are an independent consultant for a home sales company, we do need special permission from that company to stitch out trademarked logos.  We do already have special permissions from companies such as Norwex and Yoli.

How many shirts do I need for you to make me a quilt?

This all depends on how many shirts you have, how big you would like your quilt, and what you would like to use it for.

For a raggy and block style quilt this is a guide to number of shirt "fronts" needed and final finished sizes.

  • Wall Hanging/Small lap quilt - 3x4 =12 shirt fronts (36"x48")
  • Lap Quilt - 4x4 = 16 shirt fronts (48"x48")
  • Throw blanket quilt - 4x5 = 20 shirt fronts (48"x60")
  • Large throw blanket - 5x5 = 25 shirt fronts (60"x60")
  • Twin bed cover - 3x6 or 4x6 = 18 or 24 shirt fronts (36"x72" or 48"x72")
  • Twin bed comforter - 5x7 =35 shirts (60"x84")
  • Full bed cover - 5x6 = 30 shirts (60"x72")
  • Full bed comforter/queen bed cover - 7x8 - 56 shirts (84"x96")
  • Queen bed comforter - 8x8 - 64 shirts (96"x96")

For framed style quilts with 2" sashing between shirts and border:

  • Wall Hanging/Small lap quilt - 3x4 =12 shirt fronts (45"x59")
  • Throw blanket quilt - 4x4 = 16 shirt fronts (59"x59")
  • Large blanket quilt - 4x5 = 20 shirt fronts (59"x73")
  • Twin bed cover - 3x6 = 18 shirt fronts (45"x87")
  • Twin bed comforter - 4x6 = 24 shirt fronts (59"x87")
  • Full bed cover -  5x5 = 25 shirt fronts (73"x73")
  • Full bed comforter - 5x6 = 30 shirts (73"x87") or 5x7 =35 shirts (73"x101")
  • Queen bed comforter - 7x8 - 56 shirts (101"x115")
  • King bed comforter - 8x8 - 64 shirts (115"x115")

How do I care for my shirts/custom apparel?

Apparel created with heat transfer vinyl needs a little extra TLC to keep it looking nice for a long time.  We recommend that items be turned inside out, washed in cold water and let it air dry for best results.  Items may be dried inside out on low heat in a clothes dryer but this may reduce the lifetime of your item's design. Apparel may be ironed if turned inside out and using a warm iron (wool setting) to press from the back side of the design.  Never directly iron on the decoration.