Embroidery Services and Products

We specialized in custom embroidery services for monogramming and personalizing gift items, business wear, spirit wear along with some of our own embroidered creations.

Monogramming and Personalization

  • Towels
  • Backpacks
  • Jackets/pullovers/shirts
  • Blankets
  • Bags and totes
  • Christmas stockings
  • Converse sneaker tongues
  • Pillowcases

Business Logos and Corporate Wear

  • Polos and dress shirts
  • Scrubs
  • Jackets
  • Hats

Spirit Wear

  • Shirts
  • Hats and stocking caps
  • Polos
  • Jackets

Our Custom Embroidered Products 

  • Pillows
  • Key fobs
  • Hats

Embroidery Font Options

Here are examples of popular fonts used in our embroidery services but just a small sample of a large library available.  We can provide several font options so please do ask if you don't find one that quite fits what you would like.


Monogram Font Options


Embroidery Thread Options

This is a sampling of thread color options available, but we have many more options available on hand and can match up about any color you would like used.


Set Up Fees

Logo Digitization - $10-20 depending on complexity of logo.  Logos must be emailed as a high quality jpg to corrina.dea@theunlimitedstitch.com .  Name and monogram set up fees are included in the embroidery pricing if the font requested is already in our library otherwise if a new font must be purchased it will be added to final costs. 

We will only digitize trademarked logos if provided official documentation from the company or owner of the logo.  So if you are an independent consultant for  a home based sales company you need to have official documentation and company specifications for size and colors required.  If your company already has a digitized embroidery file, we require a *.pes file for our Brother machines.

Embroidery Pricing

Our pricing is based on number of stitches and size of the design.  Exact pricing will be calculated from final design but here are examples of pricing for common projects we embroider.  There are no minimum order requirements - we can accommodate one specialized item or 100+ items in bulk.  For 10 or more item orders we can offer a 10% discount on services, otherwise we aim to keep our prices fair for single and smaller orders.

Examples of embroidery service pricing:

Name on pocket of shirt - $8

Pocket business logo (up to 10K stitches) - $10-14

Pocket business logo (over 10K stitches) - $15-18

Small name on backpack/bag/towel (1" tall) - $8-9

Medium name on backpack/bag/towel (2" tall) - $10

Large name on backpack/bag/towel (3-4" tall) - $12-14

Small 2-Line Name on backpack/bag/towel - $10

Medium 2-Line Name on backpack/bag/towel - $13

Large 2-Line name on backpack/bag/towel - $16

Name and number on back of baseball cap - $7

Monogram Pricing

Small Single Letter (1/2-2") - $6

Medium Single Letter (2-4") - $8

Large Single Letter (5-7") - $10

XL Single Letter (8") - $12

Small Three Letter(1/2- 2") - $8-10

Medium Three Letter (3-4") - $10-12

Large Three Letter (5-7") - $14-16

XL Three Letter (8") - $18-20

Applique Design Pricing 

4x4 applique up to 10K stitches - $10-14

4x4" applique over 10K stitches - $15+

5x7" applique up to 10K stitches - $12-13

5x7" applique over 10K stitches - $14+

6x10" applique up to 10K stitches - $13-15

6x10" applique over 10K stitches - $16+

Pricing above does not include cost of applique design if a special one is requested that is not in our library.  Pre-digitized designs can be purchased online and used with appropriate permissions.  We have an abundance of fabric colors and options to use as fill for our applique designs from cotton to sequin dots.  Please inquire directly to us for applique services.

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