Digital Heat Transfer Printing

The Unlimited Stitch utilizes a newer printing technology called white-toner digital heat transfers as part of its full line personalization services. 

We invested in a top-of-the-line white toner laser printer and high-end heat press to be able to provide you the ability have your photos, personal artwork, hand written messages, and professional logos added to items like:

  • Canvas
  • Apparel
  • Hand crafted keepsakes
  • Pillows
  • Wood signs
  • Metal plaques
  • Mugs
  • Sports wear
  • Business wear
  • And more...

This special laser printing allows us to create highly detailed designs in full color along with white to be heat transferred to all types and colors of apparel.  What makes this personalization service unique it actually adds a layer of white toner underneath the design allowing for bright vibrant colors to show up on black and dark based materials. 


Digital Heat Transfers vs Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)

  • Both of these methods transfer designs to the surface of a fabric or material with the use of a heat press
  • Heat Transfer vinyl can prove to be the more economical choice with a single or double color design
  • Digital transfers are best for high detailed designs with more than two colors
  • Both require similar care of the garment to increase the longevity of the design
  • Both work best when there is negative space allowed throughout the designs to allow water to flow through


Digital Heat Transfers vs Screen Printing

  • Digital heat transfers are toner based inks that are laser printed, "married" to an adhesive, then heat transferred to garments
  • Screen printing utilizes screens that have a design burned into them and specialized plastisol ink is squeezed through the screens and after it dries it is stuck to the fabric. 
  • Digital transfers can print out photo quality designs to be added to your item